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What a change!

It has been a busy few weeks here at K&M!! Running at full capacity and moving offices!!

We decided that rather than have two separate offices (Admin and Big Boss) we would have a main office. This meant clearing out many years of Dads accumulated paperwork/scrap paper. I put everything into boxes for him and placed them in the factory. Each box to be sorted through before it came back into the shiny new office, needless to say hardly anything has come back in :)

We painted the walls, got new carpet tiles, new furniture and changed my old office into a boardroom and a nice private accounts office. It looks AMAZING!

We got out new boardroom furniture and desks from Coggins in Forton, Dad bought his very first desk from Dave 20years ago and it is still in our new office!! How could we get rid of the very first one :)

Here is K&Ms first "office area"

This was in their factory in Preston. I was 11 and my sister was 8 when we first went to K&M helping to paint the factory and the second hand machines blue :) somewhere we have a picture of us painting it but i can find it, but htis is what it looked like...

....and now 20 years later here I am painting the latest office!!!

Yes I am in my dads overalls :) they are so comfy! I might request my own pair

Here are some pictures of the big move....

and now look at our lovely new office!!!!

My First day and 2 years on

So far it has been great working in the same office as my dad, its definately more productive being in the same room. Hmmmm wonder what changes we can make this year..... Watch this space!!

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